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Meet Andrew Kacz

Professional Bio 

Professional Bio 

After completing my B.A. in Finance from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH, I moved to Texas to pursue a career as a financial representative with Allstate where I provided financial services and life insurance to families for six years. I also worked very closely with business owners. Whether it's a basic savings plan, or a complex exit strategy, I take pride in working with successful company owners to plan for the future. I started Elevated Wealth Advisory at the beginning of 2022 because I wanted to be able to better serve my clients.

I unexpectedly lost my father in October 2021, and going through the legacy transition process with my own family made me realize how limited the options I could provide were. While I enjoyed much success at Allstate, I was not able to provide clients with the wide arrange of options I can here as a fiduciary at Elevate Wealth Advisory with the full backing of Osaic Wealth Inc. broker. My goal for each client is to help them realize their goals for their retirement years. I truly enjoy discussing the ever-changing markets with clients and advising on what they should be on the lookout for as they grow their portfolios. There is no better feeling than helping clients get to a point where they are fully planned for all of life’s uncertainties and enjoy the benefits of their hard work.

I’ve experienced the harsh reality that life is truly so fragile. The moment my mom nervously turned to me, just hours after my father passed, asking, “Am I going to be okay?” was a pivotal one for me both personally and professionally. I always knew I enjoyed my profession, now I knew I was meant for it. The overwhelming emotion of confidently reminding her that dad and I financially planned for this moment is something I cannot describe and will never forget. That emotion is what gets me out of bed in the morning. That emotion is my “why”. Whatever life throws at my clients, I want to ensure that we can confidently provide advice for them and their family, allowing them to handle those situations without the burden of finances. Financially guiding them during their most vulnerable moments is something I want to be known for.

A few things I’m proud of include:

  • Allstate Hall of Fame 6 years in a row
  • Allstate Top 5% of Financial representatives 4 years in a row
  • Allstate Top 2% of Financial representatives 2 years in a row
  • Elected to the Allstate Advisory Board 2 years in a row
  • Allstate’s Advanced Business Owner’s Planning Team 

Personal Bio

Personal Bio

Most people call me Andy.

Hockey was a huge part of my childhood and I was lucky enough to play it through college. I’m typically an “all-Boston-everything” when it comes to my sports. However, living in Dallas and marrying a Texas woman, I’ve come to love the Dallas Stars, too. Unless the Bruins are in town, of course. 
I also played a little guitar growing up and in my pastime as an adult. Rock is my favorite genre and I’d be willing to take on anyone who wants to have a go at rock music trivia. 

On the weekdays I like a set schedule. I’m an early-riser who gets a workout in and does the Wordle before I start my workday. I’m always open to good reads. I’m usually reading at least 2 books at a time, one fiction and one non-fiction. On my free weekends, I’m typically found on the golf course or trying to plan time to see the newest scary movie without my wife (she hates them).

I met my wife at our Crossfit gym and we got married in May of 2022. A few of our favorite things to do together are finding good brunch spots, traveling and exploring new places, and walking our three dogs at Griggs Park (pictured above from left to right our dogs are Bruin, Connor, & Sabre). So far my wife and I've explored five foreign countries and can’t wait to keep adding stamps to our passports!

A few of my all-time favorites include Jurassic Park movies, any Alter Bridge song Thanksgiving, Dunkin Donuts coffee, and any David Baldacci book.