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Protection Services 

Here for the "What Ifs" 

Here for the "What Ifs" 

There are always uncertainties in life. Be prepared for them. 

Life Insurance 

Long Term Care

Long Term Disability 

Everyone loves to have a plan, but sometimes the unexpected can happen. Without the proper protection pieces in place an individual's financial plans can unravel in an instant. That's why it is important to discuss life insurance, long term disability and long term care. Here at Elevated Wealth Advisory, our goal is to make sure you and your beneficiaries are ready for any "What Ifs". We will work with you to navigate through the complex world of insurance and protection solutions. Topics to be discussed would include, but not limited to: 

  • Term versus Permanent Life Insurance
  • Cash Valuing Building Life Insurance 
  • Can Life Insurance be Used as as Asset? 
  • What Happens if I Can't Work Because of an Injury? 
  • How Long do Disability Benefits Last For? 
  • Does Medicare Cover Long Term Care? 
  • Is Long Term Care Really Worth It? 

Click on the link below for a quick assessment on if you have enough life insurance. 

Life Insurance Calculator

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