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Current EWA Clients

This page is for clients that are part of the Elevated Wealth Advisory Family. Please reach out to us if you need any further help, or need specific account numbers.

eMoney This link is used for your financial planning, linking all of your accounts together (even if they are not held with us) and sharing personal documentation through the “Vault” feature. Use this to keep track of retirement goals, short term and long term funding plans, and daily updates on all of your account balances.

Wealthscape Investor Login Use this link for your National Financial Services (NFS) accounts. This link will take you directly to your wealth managed accounts with EWA. You will be able to view statements, tax documents, beneficiary information, detailed holding information, and any other important components about your managed accounts. If you would like to download the mobile app to have your managed account balances directly on your phone, search “Wealthscape Investor” in your mobile App Store to download.

eQuipt This account functions very similar to eMoney, except this site does not include financial planning. You can find your accounts balances, run certain reports, and other important information with any accounts you have with EWA. This site will NOT include any accounts held away from EWA. You will need an account number to set this up, so please feel free to reach out to us for this information.

What to Expect As a firm, we like to keep in constant contact with you throughout the year, providing timely information to you. Please see a yearly schedule below on what to expect.

January: Summary of Beneficiary Information & Portfolio Performance Reports

February: 1099’s Delivered & RMD Report (if applicable)

March: Semi-Annual Review

April: Tax Planning Summary Delivered

May: Insurance Review

August: Summary of Beneficiary Information

September: Semi-Annual Client Review

November/ December: Year End Planning Actions

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